MILLAMAN | Golden Condor
The legend of the Golden Condor

In the central zone of the Chilean Andes Mountains, inside an area called Sagrada Familia, is located the Peteroa volcano, surrounded by wild landscapes and semi frozen lakes. There, the locals say that they have seen on very rare occasions, flying in the air, a Condor, that in the light of the sunset over the mountains, look like its plumage is of golden and copper color.

The Condor is a unique, majestic and gigantic species that inhabits the summits of the South American Andes. It is said to be born once every 100 years, and when it chooses a partner, they will stay together their whole life. A strange fact is that the female only has a single egg, to which they only feed the very soul of the Andes: Gold and Copper.

“Whoever has the unparalleled opportunity to see it, will find that the soil beneath his feet secretly guards the richness of infinite and sweet fruits”.

We have produced this wine at the foot of those same mountains and with the same dedication that the condors give to their offspring. We have produced, with special care, a little of that magic that comes from the heart of the Andes and we hope you enjoy in each bottle of “Millaman”, the “Golden Condor”.

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