MILLAMAN | Golden Condor


Millaman is committed to taking an active role in conserving the environment. The name Millaman comes from the native language of the Chilean indigenous community and means “Golden Condor”, symbolizing the wildlife of Chile.

The commitment and responsibility that we feel towards the protection of the ecosystem is at the core of our vineyard.

Therefore, we have implemented different initiatives aimed at promoting and developing sustainable practices within our work as well as in each of our production processes.


  • Subscription to an APL (“Acuerdo de Producción Limpia”: Clean Production Agreement) granted by the CCV (“Corporación de Viñas de Chile”: Chilean Vineyards Corporation);

  • Minimal use of pesticides and chemicals;

  • Use of controlled pest management techniques;

  • Recycle of natural resources: all the water used in our production facilities is recycled and re-used for irrigation of the vineyards;

  • Drip irrigation system to save water;

  • Re-use of all natural waste during the production process as an organic fertilizer.


  • Use of “light glass” bottles: that way the amount of glass used is reduced by 15%;

  • Reduction of the level of carbon dioxide emissions.


20% of our 750 hectares presents native wildlife showing a great wealth in the flora and fauna in the area. We are committed to protecting these species by taking measures such as banning animal hunting and cutting down trees, ensuring natural balance.

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